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Cerazette - 0.08mg  

Cerazette - 0.08mg


Understanding Desogestrel
Desogestrel is essentially a contraceptive medication meant to prevent pregnancy. It is also sold under the brand name of Cerazette, and has various colloquial references as well such as mini-pill or simply pill.
The main constituent of this medication is progestogen desogestrel which is essentially the female sex hormone, and that is why the drug is also referred to as POP or progestogen-only-pill. This medication makes maximum sense for women who might have intolerance for estrogen. A little note on estrogen – for breastfeeding mothers, combined contraceptive pills containing estrogen are considered as most suitable.
The primary objective of POP as mentioned above is to prevent unwanted pregnancy. At the same time, your doctor may prescribe POP to you for other reasons as well.

The way in which POPs work is that they dissuade male sperms from even getting to the womb. At the same time, remember they may not always disallow fertilization of female eggs, which is why the combined variation of contraceptive pills is advised. What works in Desogestrel’s advantage is the fact that it straightaway bars female eggs from being fertilized whereby its potency as a contraceptive is pretty much assured.

Important Information about Desogestrel
There are some medical conditions which if present, should compel you to avoid Desogestrel, including unusual vaginal bleeding, severe problems in the liver including jaundice, acute porphyria (a blood disorder), and thrombosis.

Further, your doctor must be made aware of your medical history, especially illnesses you may have had such as coronary heart disease, jaundice, epilepsy, cholasma, tuberculosis, breast or liver cancer, pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis, or an ectopic pregnancy.
Then in case you are lactose intolerant, you should avoid some variants of Desogestrel based medications which do contain lactose.

In case you are planning to have children soon, it is advised that you avoid Desogestrel. If you are already pregnant, you might want to cut back its usage down to the bare minimum possible. The same would be true in case you are breast feeding. Essentially in all these situations, it is best advised that you consult your doctor prior to usage of the medication.

Another factor to keep in mind is that in the first week in which you use this medication, you might need to use an alternative contraceptive as well, which in turn you need to inform your doctor about.

Before using Desogestrel
Remember that Desogestrel is a drug which is taken only with a prescription. Also, your doctor must be made well aware of your entire medical history as well as any other medications that you might be taking at the time.

Further, as has already been mentioned above, Desogestrel is to be avoided if you have certain medical conditions. Accordingly, do make sure to inform your doctor about medications that you might be taking, whether OTC, herbal or prescribed ones.

Your doctor will advise you on the dosage that you are to take – it is vital that you stick to the same. Typically, one pill is taken every day with water. Avoid breaking the pill. Stick to the schedule so that chances of becoming pregnant even after taking the medication remain slim. In case you have certain medical conditions, your doctor may advise you to modify dosage – again stick to your doctor’s advice.

Factors determining dosage include age, the way you respond to treatment as well as interacting medications which you may be taking alongside. In case you end up missing a dose, consult your doctor for advice.

Restrictions if any while ingesting Desogestrel
There is no restriction on activities as such while ingesting Desogestrel.

Missing a Dose
In case you miss your regular dose and it is not yet 12 hours since your scheduled dose, take it immediately, continuing with the schedule prescribed to you. But if it in fact 12 hours or more since your prescribed dosage, then there could be chances of your becoming pregnant whereby backup contraceptives like condoms would be advised, that too for the entire week ahead. Remember that any time you miss your dose, you could risk becoming pregnant.

Overdose is unlikely to be life threatening. Symptoms of overdose typically include nausea, vomiting or slight bleeding from the vagina.

Side Effects
Relatively mild side effects of Desogestrel ingestion would include cysts in the ovary, lethargy, nausea, changes in appetite, a feeling of depression setting in, infection or bleeding in the vagina, acne, unusual and unexpected weight gain, hair loss, strange feeling in the breasts, dizziness, and an inexplicable lack of interest in sex.

In case you experience any of these symptoms, consult your doctor especially if they only seem to get worse.

Somewhat more serious side effects include difficulties in breathing, immense pain, extreme cough which may even be bloody, acute pain in the chest which starts off suddenly, and thrombosis.
Remember there could be other side effects as well and that is why you must consult your doctor promptly if you experience anything way out of the norm.

Interactions with other Drugs
Your doctor must be made aware of other medications that you might be taking for other medical conditions that you may have. You should not begin any other medication while taking Desogestrel, without your doctor being made aware about the same.

Drugs that Desogestrel could possibly react with include antidepressants like St John's Wort; antibiotics like Rifampicin and Rifabutin; anti-seizure drugs such as Carbamazepine and Phenytoin; and antiviral / antifungal medications like Griseofulvin and Ritonavir.

Remember that there could be other drugs which interact with Desogestrel which is why it is very important that you let your doctor know about all medicines that you are taking as well as medical conditions that you may have.

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