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Coverit 2% - 60ml  


Pertinent Information
Minoxidil does a very good job when it comes to stalling hair loss, encouraging it to grow and thus minimizing the occurrence of baldness. Its primary usage comes for those under the age of 40 who may already be experiencing hair loss, leading up to baldness. It however does not really have a positive impact on receding hairlines. Also, bear in mind that Minoxidil does not cure baldness; if you stop applying the medication, chances are good that new hair will be lost. Its best used to treat male pattern baldness while in women it finds usage for hair that is thinning on the scalp.

Offered in liquid form, Minoxidil is meant to be applied twice every day, mornings and evenings. Take 1 ml of the solution or half a cap of the foam and apply it to your hair and dry scalp. Make sure that you spread it evenly on to all affected areas. Leave it for about 4 hours. To ensure best results, continue using Minoxidil.

Side Effects
Possible side effects include scaling, irritation, itching on the scalp, dryness, or a burning sensation.
There could be additional side effects worthy of prompt doctor consultation such as weight gain, difficulty in breathing especially when lying down, and swelling on certain parts of the body such as hands and ankles or even the stomach.

You could also possibly experience pain in the chest, increase in heart beat rate, or a general feeling of lightheadedness.

Final Note
A final note would be that Minoxidil contains alcohol causing irritation in the eyes or other sensitive areas, so wash exposed areas with cold water if you feel such a sensation. Also, avoid using it with other topical medications since that can lead to excess absorption along with possible increase in side effects.


Coverit 2%
Minoxidil as a drug helps in the stimulation of hair growth and is therefore prescribed particularly for male pattern baldness.  Its usage comes across as most effective in those below the age of 40 years. While it cannot treat baldness as such, it can certainly assist in cases of receding hairlines. Bear in mind that male pattern baldness or Androgenic Alopecia as it is formally known, is essentially an affliction caused by imbalance in androgen, leading to thinning of hair on the head. Minoxidil comes in topical solution dosage form.
Thus, summing up, when it comes to treating male pattern baldness, Minoxidil proves really effective. At the same time, it is also useful for women experiencing thinning of hair.

Understanding how Minoxidil really works
Minoxidil works on improving hair growth in various ways:

  • Strengthening hair follicles for hair growth.
  • Elongating the Anagen phase whereby hair follicle size increases.
  • Reducing the Telogen phase, thus allowing hair follicles in a state of rest to prematurely get into the Anagen phase.

Situations in which to avoid Minoxidil
Minoxidil is best avoided in situations such as:

  • Having any kind of allergy
  • Being hypersensitive to Minoxidil or the ingredients contained in the medication
  • Having heart conditions
  • Suffering from asthma or other COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)
  • Happen to be 18 or below
  • Are breast feeding at the moment
  • Are either pregnant already or planning to be so
  • Have scalp diseases, cuts / wounds on the scalp, or possibly even eczema on it
  • Scalp skin happens to be damaged, sunburned, or somehow irritated

Dosage is mentioned on the packaging / labeling of Minoxidil and it is strongly recommended that you stick to the same. Your doctor will also advise you suitably on the dosage that you are to follow. Typically, 1 ml or about 20 drops of the lotion suffice.

We carry multiple strengths of Minoxidil:

  • Shaltop-A solution (50 ml)
  • Tugain 5% (60 ml)
  • Coverit 2% (60 ml)
  • Mintop lotion 2% (60 ml)

Summary of Manufacturers and Pack Sizes

Serial Number



Pack Size


Shaltop-A solution 50 ml

Shalaks pharmaceuticals



Tugain 5% (60 ml)

Cipla Pharmaceuticals

1, 3 and 6 bottles


Coverit 2% (60 ml)

Micro Labs

1, 3 and 6 bottles


Mintop lotion 2% (60 ml)

Dr Reddy’s Laboratories

1, 3 and 6 bottles

Application Directions
The lotion must only be applied as per instructions from your doctor. There is an instruction manual that comes with the lotion that you can refer to as well. The ideal quantity is 1 ml that you can apply on the affected areas of your scalp. It is best that you part your hair into 2 halves and then apply the lotion evenly on your scalp. You must wash your hands both before and after applying the lotion. On a single day, you must not use or apply more than 2 ml. also, exercise caution while applying so that it does not get into your eyes, mouth or the nose.

Application Timings
Apply it twice a day, exactly in accordance with instructions from your doctor.

Your doctor will be your best guide when it comes to the duration for which you are to apply Minoxidil. The typical recommendation is for 4 months going right up to 1 year. You must no discontinue application all of a sudden since that might lead to the new hair which has grown now to fall off. It is best that you consult with your doctor on the duration for which Minoxidil is to be applied.

Chances of overdose are relatively less since this is a topical medication which you physically apply. In case you know you have applied way too much and as a result feel some kind of discomfort, stop applying further and consult your doctor. Possible consequences of excess application would include redness and a feeling of warmth in the affected area along with probable headache.

Missing Application
In case you forget to apply Minoxidil on a particular day, don’t worry too much and apply it the next day. In any case, if you try and apply the medication at the same time every day, chances of your forgetting to apply will be a whole lot less. Also bear in mind that under no circumstances should you doubly apply simply because you forgot to do so previously.

Side Effects
On the whole, Minoxidil is a powerful medication that really works well when it comes to tackling male pattern baldness. At the same time, there can be some possible side effects, without any implication that you will necessarily experience them.

  • Fainting
  • Itching
  • Convulsions
  • Irritation and headache
  • Lightheadedness and dizziness
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Allergic reactions including possible problems in breathing
  • Swollen face, tongue and lips
  • Flaking and redness of the skin

Possible Drug Interactions
It is best that you discuss with your doctor about other medications that you might be taking alongside, especially since some of them could possibly react with Minoxidil and possibly cause allergic reactions. Your doctor will advise you on all such medications that can possibly cause reactions. Alongside, remember not to apply other topical medications at the same time since they can cause reactions as well.

Some precautions that you need to take include:

  • Apply the lotion only as per advise from your doctor
  • Do not use it if it has expired
  • Keep it away from fire since the lotion is inflammable
  • Seek medical assistance in case you experience anything out of the ordinary
  • Make sure you apply the lotion regularly
  • Pregnant women must not apply or even come in contact with the lotion

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