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Megabrom - 5 ml  

Bromfenac Opthalmic Solution
Megabrom - 5 ml


Megabrom 5 ml

Understanding Bromfenac
Bromfenac serves as a NSAID or Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug which works against pain by blocking prostaglandin that causes inflammation. Bromfenac is meant for treating pain or swelling in the eyes, often in those who have undergone cataract operation.

Bromfenac is strictly a prescription only medication for which you must have a doctor’s prescription.
There are various brand names under which Bromfenac is sold in the market such as Megabrom and Xibrom from Sun Pharma. Also bear in mind that the medication may find usage beyond what is listed here.

Pertinent Information about Bromfenac
You should not be using Bromfenac if you have any allergy against it. Likewise, medical conditions for which you need to be wary about while using Bromfenac include diabetes, asthma, bleeding disorders, or what is referred to as dry eye syndrome. You should also be cautious and seek medical intervention prior to using Bromfenac if you are allergic to sulfa, aspirin or any other NSAID medication, or if you have undergone more than one eye surgery in the recent past.

Typical dosage for Bromfenac is a drop each in the affected eye for 2 weeks, two times each day, starting a day after surgery. Dosage instructions must strictly be adhered to as given by the doctor. Circumstances in which you need to stop the medication include if pain or swelling in the eyes, increased tears, immense feeling of discomfort in the eyes, very prolonged healing post surgery, and bleeding or redness in the eyes. You should not be putting Bromfenac eye drops over contact lenses that you may be using.
The FDA classifies Bromfenac as a Category C drug which means that risk factors associated with a pregnant lady taking the medication or a nursing mother taking the medication – and those risk factors being passed on to the unborn / breastfed baby respectively, are unclear. In any case, if you are pregnant or planning to be so, or are breastfeeding already, you must notify your doctor about the same.

Prior to using Bromfenac
Prior to using Bromfenac it is highly advisable that you discuss your overall medical condition and history with your doctor at length, especially with regard to the points mentioned above.

Using Bromfenac
Bromfenac is to be used exactly as per the doctor’s advice. There are ample details provided in the leaflet contained in the medication so that can be your guiding light as well. You must not alter your medication, including the dosage as well as the duration for which you take the medication, on your own, without consulting your doctor about the same.
Typical dosage is a single drop into each affected eye, twice a day for 2 weeks, starting a day after surgery. Avoid touching the dropper tip while administering the drops; it should not touch any other surface either, since that can lead to contamination. Bromfenac must be stored in a cool, dry place.

Missing a Dose
If you miss your regular dose of Bromfenac, take it when you remember to do so. But do not take it if the next one is too close else you will overdose. You should never take two doses too close to one another anyway.

In case you end up overdosing, it is quintessential that you seek immediate medical attention.
Also remember that even in routine application of Bromfenac there might be slight blurred vision so you should not do anything – such as driving, which requires clear focus of the eyes. You should also not apply any eye drops while using Bromfenac.

Side Effects
Some mild and common side effects of Bromfenac include blurred vision, headache, a burning sensation, or watery eyes. These side effects should ideally subside in sometime. If they do not, then you should ideally seek medical attention.

More serious side effects of Bromfenac include blurred vision, redness in the eyes, itching, swelling, intense pain in the eye, discharge from the eyes, as well as a strange feeling as though something is in the eye.
Remember there could be other possible side effects of Bromfenac as well. Therefore if you feel anything majorly untoward, you must seek medical attention without fail.

As has been stated repeatedly over here, you must strictly follow dosage instructions as given to you by the doctor.

Drug Interaction
Bromfenac could possibly interfere with other medication. These include drugs such as other NSAIDs, anti platelet medication, as well as warfarin (essentially blood thinners).
There can be other medications which interact with Bromfenac therefore it is best suggested that you discuss with your doctor about all medications that you might be taking.

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Generic Name Bromfenac Opthalmic Solution
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