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Referral Program

As a customer of Drug Infosys you are eligible to earn cash rewards for recommending Drug Infosys to your family and friends.

How our Referral Program Works

It is very easy to participate in the program. Once you have placed an online order you are eligible to start earning.
Bella placed her first online order at Drug Infosys for her prescription medications. On completion of her order, Bella was able to begin referring people to our online pharmacy and earning cash rewards for each referral which also placed an order.

Based on Bella glowing recommendation, Bella's best friend Max purchased from Drug Infosys's website. Bella will now receive a 5% commission for every purchase Max makes from our online pharmacy.
In turn Max referred Drug Infosys to his mother, Elsa and was able to begin earning a 5% commission on her purchases.
Bella will not only get a 5% commission on all of Max's purchases, but she will also receive 2% commission on every order placed by Elsa.

For further information on the referral program, please read the FAQs Section on the Referral Program.

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