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Supatret Gel - .1% (15 gm)  

Tretinoin Gel Microsphere
Supatret Gel - .1% (15 gm)



Supatret Gel is prescribed for the treatment of severe acne. It works by unclogging pores and exfoliating the skin to minimize the appearance of scarring and smooth the skin. Supatret Gel contains the active ingredient tretinoin which belongs to a class of medications called retinoids.

Supatret Gel is manufactured by Sun Pharma, India. It is available in .04% (15gm)  and .1% (20 gm) strengths and is packaged in tubes. The US brand name is Retin A Micro.1% (20 gm). Tretinoin is manufactured by several pharmaceutical companies in different forms and strengths.


Tretinoin is a skin exfoliator that helps to increase the rejuvenation of the skin. It also is used to improve the appearance of the skin by increasing the rate of removal of pigmentation called melanin in the skin. An added benefit of tretinoin is the increased levels of collagen in the skin cells which hides fine lines and wrinkles in the skin. Tretinoin does not remove deep scarring.

Warnings and Precautions

Supatret Gel should only be used as prescribed by your doctor. Follow your doctor's instruction and read the patient information pamphlet enclosed in the package so you understand how to use the medication and so you understand all of the safety measures. You should not start, stop, or change the dosage of any medication without consulting with your doctor.

You should not use Supatret Gel if any of the following apply to you:

Are a breastfeeding mother
Are allergic to Supatret Gel or any of its ingredients
Are pregnant or plan to become pregnant

Have a bleeding disorder
Have a thyroid disorder
Have an abnormal white blood cell count
Have diabetes
Have kidney disease
Have liver disease
Have stomach ulcers
Have ulcerative colitis
History of blood clots
Suffer from chronic bladder infections

Do not swallow Supatret Gel or get into eyes. If the gel accidently gets into the eyes thoroughly flush them with cool water.
Supatret is for topical use only.
Do not use expired medications.

If you forget a dose and it has been more than one hour, skip the dose and apply the next one at the appropriate time. Do not apply an extra dose and do not exceed the amount prescribed by your doctor.
If you accidently apply too much Supatret Gel you may require medical attention.
Apply Supatret Gel only for the amount of time it is prescribed.

Drug Interactions

Tell your doctor what other medications you are taking or using, this includes all prescription, over-the-counter, and herbal remedies, to avoid a drug interaction. Be sure to tell your doctor you are using Supatret Gel before you start using any new medication.

The following medications can have a serious reaction with tretinoin; before using Supatret Gel tell your doctor if you take any of them:


This is not a complete list of possible drug interactions. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for a complete list and if there are any common care products you should avoid.

How to use

Follow your doctor's instruction for applying Supatret Gel. The usual recommended dosage and schedule is a pea size amount applied twice a day - morning and night. Do not become alarmed if your acne seems to get worse when you begin using Supatret Gel. This is normal and may continue for up to 8 days before healing begins. It may take a month for noticeable improvement is visible. Do not stop using Supatret Gel before instructed to by your doctor even if your acne seems to be healed.

It is important to take proper care of the affected skin by following these steps:

Wash hands and the affected skin with water and a mild soap.
Pat the skin dry, do not rub the skin with a towel.
Wait at least 20 minutes after washing face to apply medication.
Wash hands and apply  a pea size dab of the medication with finger tip or a cotton swap.
Only apply enough medication to lightly cover the affect area.
The acne and scars will heal faster if Supatret Gel is applied twice a day, every day for as long as prescribed.

Possible Side Effects

There is the potential for side effects with most medications. If you experience any unusual symptom or an allergic reaction contact your doctor as soon as possible.
Contact your doctor as soon as possible if you have any of the following side effects when using tretinoin:

Blister formation
Burning sensation at application site
Crusty skin
Excessive skin peeling
Scaling of skin

If the symptoms persist or get worse, get immediate medical attention.

This is not a complete list of possible side effects. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for a complete list.


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US Brand Name Retin A Micro 0.1% (15gm)
Strength 0.1% (15gm)
Generic Name Tretinoin Gel Microsphere
Manufacturer Sun Pharma
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