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Tazret Forte Cream - 0.1% 15gm  

Tazret Forte Cream - 0.1% 15gm



Tazret Forte Cream is a topical retinoid for the treatment of acne, skin damaged caused by UV rays, and psoriasis. This form of drug is called a prodrug; this means it must be converted to its active form. This conversion takes place rapidly as the cream come in contact with the skin. Once activated, it works to heal the skin.


Tazret contains the active ingredient tazarotene, a third generation topical retinoid cream and is FDA approved for treating sun damaged skin, psoriasis, and acne. Manufactured by Gracewall, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, LTD/India, Tazret is available as a cream or gel. The cream is available in 0.1% strength in a 15 gm tube. The gel comes in a 0.05% strength 15 gm tube. Both are sold in packages of 1, 3, and 6 tubes. US name brand is Tazorac Cream.

Warnings and Precautions

While using Tazret Forte Cream it is important that you follow all of your doctor's instruction. Do not exceed or change the dosage prescribed and use the medication for the entire time prescribed by your doctor. You may experience symptom relief before the prescription is complete, continue taking the medication anyway.
Read the enclosed medication information leaflet for all use and safety information.

Tazarotene should not be used if you are allergic to it or any it's ingredients.
Do not apply to an open wound. If the skin is chapped, dry, wind burned, sunburned, or irritated Tazret cream should not be used.

If you are pregnant or if you are currently breast feeding; ask your doctor if this medication is safe for you to use.
Patients with a history of skin conditions such as eczema or if the skin is sensitive to sunlight should not use tazarotene.

If you miss a dose, apply it as soon as you remember if it is within one hour of the dose time. If it is close to the next scheduled dose, wait until that dose. Do not apply an extra dose to make up for the missed one.
It is rare that an overdose of Tazret Forte Cream will be applied. In the rare event of an overdose, it may be necessary to get immediate medical attention.

Avoid sunlight and artificial UV light while using Tazret Forte Cream. If it is necessary to be outdoors in sunlight, apply sunscreen and wear clothing that will shield your skin.
Tazarotene is for topical use only; do not get in eyes or mucous membranes. If cream accidently gets in the eyes, flush thoroughly with water.

Extreme caution must be taken to prevent ingestion of this medication. Tazret Forte Cream may cause harm if swallowed.
Dispose of cream if past expiration date on tube.
Store Tazret Forte Cream out of the reach of children and pets.

Drug Interactions

As with most medications, there is a chance of experiencing a drug interaction when using tazarotene. Discuss with your doctor what medications you are taking to avoid a drug interaction; this includes prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, vitamins, and herbal products. Never start a new medication without approval from your doctor.

You should not take the following drugs while using tazarotene:

  • Ciprofloxacin or other fluoroquinolones
  • Hydrochlorothiazide
  • Sulfamethoxazole
  • Vitamins and supplements

This is only a partial list of drugs that may interact with tazarotene. Your doctor or pharmacist can give you a complete list of drugs and products to avoid.

How to use

Apply Tazret Forte Cream as prescribed by your doctor. You should not stop applying it or change the dosage without your doctor's approval. Use for the entire time prescribed by your doctor.
If you have questions, refer to the enclosed patient leaflet or ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Follow your doctor's instructions for the amount of cream to apply. The generally recommended dosage is approximately the size of a pea or just enough to cover the affected area.
Be sure to read all warnings and precautions for this medication.

Before applying cream, wash hands; the affected area should be washed and thoroughly dried. Apply cream to the affected skin until it is evenly spread. No not bandage or wrap. Wash hands to remove excess cream.
Do not apply more or less than prescribed by your doctor. Applying more cream than the prescribed dosage will not speed healing and may actually cause harm.

Possible Side Effects

Some users may experience side effects when tazarotene is used. It is important that you are aware of possible side effects and what to do if you experience any of them. Not all users will experience a side effect.
It is important to contact your doctor as soon as possible if you experience any of the following reactions to the cream:

  • Irritation
  • Itching
  • Numbness
  • Pain in skin
  • Peeling of skin
  • Photosensitivity
  • Rashes
  • Redness
  • Scaling of skin
  • Stinging or burning sensation

Sensitive skin around the nose and eyes may become dry or cracked after application of the cream.
If you experience any of the following you should get immediate medical attention:

  • Bleeding
  • Blistering or crusting of application area
  • Peripheral edema
  • Swelling of the face, throat, lips, mouth, or tongue

This only a partial listing of possible side effects; your doctor or pharmacist can provide a complete list.

Additional Information

SKU 1082
US Brand Name Tazorac Cream 15gm
Strength 0.1% (15gm)
Generic Name Tazarotene
Manufacturer Gracewall
PharmaceuticalForm Tube/s
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