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Tugain 5% - 60ml  


Pertinent Information
Minoxidil works on slowing down baldness while also encouraging new hair to grow. It is most effective for those below the age of 40 who may have started experiencing baldness. At the same time, remember this is not a drug for hairlines which may be receding, neither does it cure baldness as such; if you stop applying the medication, there is a good chance that the new hair which has grown would have fallen back.
It proves really handy for treating male pattern baldness. At the same time, it helps women too, especially with thinning hair, as is often seen in their case, towards the front of the scalp.

Minoxidil is meant to be applied twice a day, with half a cap or 1 ml sufficing each time. Ideally, apply it once in the morning and once in the evening. Spread it nicely and evenly across the scalp, parting the hair accordingly if need be. Leave it on for at least 4 hours. Continue using Minoxidil for a prolonged period for best results.

Side Effects
Possible side effects include itching, burning, flaking and scaling on the scalp.
There are other more serious side effects as listed below, for which you must consult your doctor immediately in case you experience them:

  • Chest pain
  • Weight gain
  • Breathing difficulties, aggravated while lying down
  • Change in heart beat
  • A general feeling of lightheadedness


Tugain 5% - 60 ml
Minoxidil is a topical solution drug meant for stimulating hair growth in men below the age of 40 who may have experienced premature balding. The drug does not cure baldness as such; new hair growth may be gone once the medication is no longer applied over a prolonged period. The drug works to improve androgen balance in the body, given that imbalance in the same is the primary cause of male pattern baldness, scientifically referred to as Androgenic alopecia.

Minoxidil finds usage in treating male pattern baldness. At the same time, it can also be used to treat thinning of hair on the front of the scalp in women.

Understanding Minoxidil
Offered as a liquid, minoxidil does its job by reducing the telogen phase when hair follicles actually get into the Anagen phase, and then increasing the Anagen phase so that hair follicles are actually enhanced.
It also works by strengthening hair follicles on the whole.

Conditions to avoid Minoxidil
Minoxidil is best avoided if you:

  • Are breastfeeding
  • Have heart problems
  • Are prone to allergies
  • Scalp skin is irritated or damaged, or maybe even sunburned
  • Are 18 or below
  • Have asthma or COPD
  • Are pregnant
  • Somehow are allergic or sensitive to Minoxidil or any of its constituents

Quantity to Apply
Your doctor, as well as the instructions on the package, will guide you well on how much to apply. Typically, 20 drops of the lotion or 1 ml applied on the affected area should suffice.

We have the following strengths on our website:

  • Shaltop-A solution (50 ml)
  • Tugain 5% (60 ml)
  • Coverit 2% (60 ml)
  • Mintop lotion 2% (60 ml)


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Shaltop-A solution 50 ml

Shalaks pharmaceuticals



Tugain 5% (60 ml)

Cipla Pharmaceuticals

1, 3 and 6 bottles


Coverit 2% (60 ml)

Micro Labs

1, 3 and 6 bottles


Mintop lotion 2% (60 ml)

Dr Reddy’s Laboratories

1, 3 and 6 bottles

Application Instructions
Apply as per instructions from your doctor; the instruction manual with the lotion should help you as well. 1 ml is the ideal quantity to apply on affected areas of your scalp. Consider parting your hair into 2 halves and then applying the lotion evenly. Wash your hands both before and after applying the lotion. Do not use or apply more than 2 ml. on a single day, while exercising caution at the time of application to avoid getting it into your eyes, mouth or the nose.

Application Timings
Apply it twice daily, in line with instructions from your doctor.

Your doctor will guide you on the time frame for continuing to apply Minoxidil. Typically it ranges from 4 months right up to 1 year. Never discontinue application suddenly since that could cause the new hair to fall off. Ideally, always consult your doctor on the time frame for which Minoxidil is to be applied.

Chances of overdose are relatively less since this is a topical medication which you physically apply. In case you know you have applied way too much and as a result feel some kind of discomfort, stop applying further and consult your doctor. Possible consequences of excess application would include a feeling of warmth and redness in the affected area along with possible headache.

Missing Application
In case you forget to apply Minoxidil on a particular day, don’t worry too much and apply it the next day. Try and apply the medication at the same time every day, which will help you remember to apply it. Never doubly apply to make up for a previous application that you forgot.

Side Effects
Overall, Minoxidil is extremely potent and works magically in tackling male pattern baldness. Yet, there can be some possible side effects, which you need to be wary about.

  • Allergic reactions including possible problems in breathing
  • Flaking and redness of the skin
  • Lightheadedness and dizziness
  • Itching
  • Convulsions
  • Irritation and headache
  • Fainting
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Swollen face, tongue and lips

Possible Drug Interactions
It is best that you discuss with your doctor about other medications that you might be taking alongside, especially since some of them could possibly react with Minoxidil and possibly cause allergic reactions. Your doctor will advise you on all such medications that can possibly cause reactions. Alongside, remember not to apply other topical medications at the same time since they can cause reactions as well.

Some precautions that you need to take include:

  • Make sure you apply the lotion regularly
  • Seek medical assistance in case you experience anything out of the ordinary
  • Apply the lotion only as per advise from your doctor
  • Pregnant women must not apply or even come in contact with the lotion
  • Do not use it if it has expired
  • Keep it away from fire since the lotion is inflammable
Tugain 5% - 60ml

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