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Details on Indian Pharmacies

The pharmacy sector in India is perhaps one of the most vibrant in the world after the US. There the focus is clearly on manufacturing the best quality medications at really affordable prices. This is especially made possible thanks to the low cost of quality manpower there.

This, coupled with all the initiatives of Indian drug manufacturers, has really paid off whereby for many generic drugs, India is considered the best place to research and develop them. One must also bear in mind India’s huge population and the extensive demand for drugs within the country, which is only likely to increase as the population ages.

It is these factors which have compelled drug manufacturers from around the world to set up shop in India. Therefore, the vibrant drug scene in India is in fact a combination of both Indian pharmacy companies and their operations there, along with Indian subsidiaries of foreign drug companies.

Within this realm we find generic drugs to be most popular and this is a trend which is likely to continue going into the future as well.

Online purchase of medications has especially fueled the growth of generic drugs from India given the low cost of manufacturing them there. Accordingly, both Indian and foreign drug companies are manufacturing drugs they require in bulk in India and then selling them online, a distribution mechanism which also turns out to be low cost and convenient. Ultimately it is clearly a win-win situation for one and all.

Therefore if one is to predict the state of the pharmacy sector in India in the near future, it is very bright, given that there is still immense room for growth and improvement.

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