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DrugInfosys is essentially offered on an as is basis. This is particularly relevant since we do not offer any warranties with regard to usage of the site, nor do we make any claims of any kind towards that end. Moreover, whether it is our employees, agents, officers, management, or affiliates, any statement or claim made by them does not in any way construe a warranty, express or implied.

As far as brand name medications which appear in search results are concerned, we do not have any relation or association with these brands in any way. We do not endorse or promote any brands. We merely offer medication information, Likewise, while searching for medications, whenever search results along the lines of ‘Similar in Composition to’ appears, it does not mean that we are recommended those medications. Rather, it is just the fact that generally, This information if only for reference to other similar medications.

We do not own any brands; we providing information about medications available on the internet.

Under no circumstances should viewers depend on in information contained on the website as a substitute for professional medical advice. This is especially true since a lot of the information provided here is in summary form. In case of any affliction or discomfort, patients need to seek out medical attention.

Besides this particular precaution, it is just as important that the literature that comes with the products is reviewed for additional information that is not included in the medication summary contained on this website. Further,is is advised to follow doctor advice with regard to do’s and don’ts, dietary regulations / restrictions, and so on.

When it comes to browsing our site, it is very important that viewers exercise adequate caution while doing so. This is especially true since there are many third party websites which might link in to our website, without our express knowledge or consent. Among these, there could be sites with inappropriate content / inaccurate information. Either way, it becomes very important that viewers exercise adequate caution while browsing through other sites; we will not be liable or responsible in any way for the content on them.

Viewers confirm that they use the site at their own risk, of their own free will. In the same breath, they indemnify us – including our employees, affiliates, management team, licensors, sponsors, essentially just about anyone associated with us in any way, of any ramifications which may arise out of using our site.

Just to reiterate, viewers must always remember that content provided on the site is essentially for informational purpose and not as a substitute for medical advice; when it comes to medical advice viewers must seek advice from doctors. DrugInfosys does not promote self-medication under any circumstances. Indulging in self-medication or trying to cure oneself purely based on information obtained, on our website is not only not advisable, it is in fact outright dangerous.

As far as links to other sites on our website are concerned, you completely indemnify us of any consequences that may arise upon your clicking on and then browsing through these third party websites; we are not in any way responsible for the content on these sites. At the same time, we cannot possibly monitor or automatically prevent the occurrence of links to third party websites on our platform. Therefore the best course of action would always be to exercise a reasonable degree of caution while browsing through other sites.

It would be perfunctory to mention that over and above the fact that we cannot monitor the presence of third party websites, there is absolutely no implication at any time that we endorse content on third party websites. Therefore our indemnity as far as third party content will always remain sacrosanct. Not only that, in case you happen to have issues with the content on such third party websites, it is advisable that you write directly to them; doing so to us may not serve any purpose when we otherwise would not have direct control over the content.

Finally, in case you happen to come across broken links or inaccurate information on our website, please write to us so that we can rectify the problem at the earliest. Likewise, if you happen to come to Drug Infosys from any third party site where you feel the content may have been inappropriate, do write in to us; we can then write to webmasters to have such incongruous links removed.

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