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Questions about DrugInfosys

Q.1 About our company

DrugInfosys is an informational website only, providing the necessary information to make informed decisions regarding the uses of a medication and its warnings and precautions for safe use.

The information provided by DrugInfosys is for medications that have the approval of the following regulatory agencies:

  • WHO or World Health Organization
  • FDA or Food and Drug Administration in the US
  • MCA or the Medicines Control Agency in the UK
  • PIC or the Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention in Germany, as well as
  • TGA or Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia

DrugInfosys does not sell any medications. We can however, provide information for online pharmacies where you can make a purchase if you contact us.

How DrugInfosys works

Step 1 -  Browsing the Drug Infosys Interface

Browsing the DrugInfosys is really simple. We list medications listed for most common afflictions. Simply go over these listings and select the medications you need information about. Whether you search by brand name including US brands, generic name or medical condition, in all probability, you will easily find what you are looking for listed.

In the remote instance that you do not, remember that you have the option to contact us at

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