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Personal Details
We do not collect any personal information on our website.

Secure Systems
We have the latest anti-virus software in place at our end whereby there is simply no way any virus or malware could be transmitted via our website.

Consent with our Privacy Policy
Usage of the Drug Infosys interface automatically implies your consent to our Privacy Policy and the manner in which we collect information. Further, in case of any changes to the policy, you will be notified about the same so that you can review the changes and then accept the refreshed policy for continued usage.

Feedback / Suggestions
We always welcome feedback / suggestions so feel free to write to us with them.

Our Neutrality towards Medications
Please be assured that when it comes to the medications that we review, we remain completely neutral in the sense that we do not market or promote the medications. We say this especially for the medications which appear at the top of search results;We are not promoting any medication over another. The information supplied is only to be used for informational purposes.

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